In Blog War

In Blog War

It is important, I tell you beforehand, that if you write, read, or blog, you have a beautiful power. You are lucky you can exercise it with just by pressing some keys. So today, I ask of you to hear me through, for what follows, is an expression of our power.

My blog is as new as non-existent today. I have been spending most part of my free time talking about my blog with my virtual friends. I have been using forums which writers, fellow bloggers and interactive readers often use. Alas, it feels like holding oil in my fist.
To me writing is an art, a very beautiful art. It requires more than anything else, passion. A piece written out of duty and one written out of love differ in many ways. The latter blares with the heat of interest and surprises. Gives literal food for thought while the former conveys a message and limits itself to just that.When I first started with my blog I expected people to come running in with positive feedback like a herd of crazy elephants. They didn’t. I was disappointed but also motivated.
I have been trying to socialize my blog since long; contacting fellow bloggers, and writers I know. Many of them are big optimists and fancy dreamers but a large number of them just whine like summer flies- uninterested.All of this makes me ponder upon one very delicate question. Are we in blog war? Has writing for a blog become a question of popularity and followings and dry parched approval?
When I typed my first cover story about Edward Snowden, I wrote it not because he was a hero and the talk of the internet-vile; but in fact, because he inspired me as a person, as a cause.
Bloggers should help usher new blogs to the world. It should all be about creative exploration and intellectual learning. It should be a network of regular, enthusiastic readers and writers that engage in a creative learning process and ornament literature and technology as a medium of common expression. Bloggers should work on an entwined path with fellow writers with a common agendum or interest. Because for all I can say with utmost honestly is everyone that blogs writes. And each writer has a unique passion somewhere bound to writing.

I once read a guide book by Merryn Whitfield, wherein she writes, and I quote: “As writers we are constantly responding to the world around us. We are being social, communicating with others for a variety of different reasons. Whether it is a shopping list for groceries, a sick note for school, or a letter of complaint, we have an expectation that our writing will be read and the person reading it will react in some way.” And at the end of this particular passage on Why Write? She writes, quote-unquote: Perhaps most importantly, writing (both the process and the product) is something to be valued. I read Merryn Whitfield’s “The Complete Writer’s Guide” often. Over and over again. From the first page to the last and again. Not only because it has so much to teach but also because of the way it refers to writers and the way it inspires me.
Hundreds of people type something extremely intelligent and gorgeous, if I may say so, at this very moment. A million people kick publish some of their work this very moment. They are establishing not just a piece of writing or a message but in fact a dream. Leaving it to the judgement of Hippocratic readers and bloggers who are often too self-absorbed to leave feedback, but are driven in envy and with the need to overcome these “competitors.”This is one of those few articles that I write with my heart into it, I write out of not just inspiration but real heartfelt passion. One which I shall not read a billion times and try to make perfect, even though it needs perfection. Because this is not that article which seeks hundred likes, and two hundred followers. Just one dedicated reader who reacts out of passion.



“The line between Imagination and Reality is permeable. It is easy to sieve right through; what is tough is remembering it exists.”

-Nikita Biswal