A Tradition That Was…

Before times when clicking a button was all one needed to pocket the world and communicate with people millions of miles away, a lot many linguistic arts and traditions existed. These crafted, not only the way people communicated, but also the way they expressed themselves and included activities they took up for leisure. Here’s a journey down memory lane.Image

  1. Letters: Long long ago, people used to rely only on letters as modes of communication. Military orders, love letters, invitations, just howdy…all types of communication used to depend just on this undependable means. Letters would be delivered across lands and seven seas by pigeons, trains and men on foot.
  2.  Diary Writing: For many of us young people today, diary writing is just an academic exercise. However, not before some time back, it used to be a beautiful means of expressing oneself and a very common habit among people, especially young ones, like you and I. A lot of good literature and history comes down from these priceless pieces of record.
  3. Slam Book Writing: Around the time when I was ten, Slam booking used to be the teenage buzz. For those of you who do not know what a slam book was, it was a little scrap book people owned which contained identical personality questions and were circulated by them among friends and acquaintances to fill. No it did not sprout free food coupons in exchange, but it used to be quite in trend.
  4. Telegrams: Until recently, telegrams, a one line message with each word costing money, used to be widely relied on as a source of communication. Relied on by the Indian army until now, telegrams would reach the recipient in a day and were written very concisely to save expenses as if written while hurrying to board a train. For instance:  “Need Money” “Father ill Come Soon”
  5. Podcasts: By definition, a podcast is an episodic series of audio or video files. It was a pretty new fashion, however, it boomeranged as soon as it was introduced and with Softwares like Movie Maker and alike, anyone hardly uses it as a means of recitation-narration anymore.
  6. Using a Thesaurus: Since this piece also covers linguistic activities, this is something I would love to put in a word for. I have never really used an actual thesaurus. Ever since I started feeling the need to know more words I used the kinky synonym list that hangs in Office Word and more often, the internet. Even though I actually possess one, I recall it as a habit of the past. A rich one indeed.
  7. Play Writing: Writing plays (and not drama or theater shows) for real, happened maximum in the Shakespearean Era, and even though there is still extensive play writing, the art has changed considerably. There are still a pretty few people, time and again breathing new life into the art, but it has evolved like all art forms do.

2 thoughts on “A Tradition That Was…

  1. I am 45-years-old so can remember the days before the internet, e-mail etc. I remember sending and receiving letters on a regular basis. However I hardly ever use the post office today accept for sending birthday cards, christmas cards etc. The familiar red post boxes can still be seen throughout the UK, however they do not get as much use as when I was younger. I also have happy memories of researching subjects in the library, using books rather than computers. There is something nice about the feel of books which one does not get when researching using a PC.

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