Where Does Failure Put You?


Failure. It’s one hard thing to deal with. Sometimes you do things that you’re good at, and you come out shining. Other times you go outside this zone and do something courageous. Something tough or challenging, or something not so effortless. You give it your best shot, with shudder and hesitance and conscious doubtfulness, but you do it. And being the go-goer that you’re, you hope you make it through with flying colours. However, life isn’t sweet. Challenges don’t always have happy endings. Every time you win, someone loses and at times you’re on the other side of the coin, say, where the grass is rather dry. But that doesn’t justify failing. It doesn’t mean it’s okay to fail, at least what anyone who wants to win would say.

No matter whether failure is necessary or not, it remains to be  bad and remorseful. If you have failed sometime in your life, be it in a relationship, a competition, a bet, a responsibility, a perspective goal or anything for that matter, I must give it to you that at the end of this post your failure will hurt only as much, it will pinch as hard, it will burn as much and scowl in your face only as before, but reading this will teach you that the time after you fail has a point, and that one day when you win, your mere heartbeat will beat the laughter of those million failures, and I cross my heart and hope, that it will inspire you to get there.

Failing shows much. I’ve learnt over the course of time that in doing something which I didn’t have prowess in, I learnt that I stand somewhere close to nowhere.

Failure depresses much. Its unkempt makes you weep, gets you sick and wailing, and cuss. Its horror makes you seek just another chance, a chance long gone. Makes you wonder what more could you have done. You scuffle for the just in it. You periscope for a bright side.

Failure teaches much. It gives you spite and scorn. It makes you realise the glory of victory. The shine of holding a trophy. The happiness in catching a high hung grape. It expresses the importance of the walk, the journey, every step that you take to the stage to your medal. It teaches you the pride felt in a ring of applause. It blows life into the importance expectations hold. It brings to light the acceptance of not having made it. It teaches you what difference one moment can make to your ‘idea’ of yourself.

Failure scares you. It makes you want to find escape. There’s emptiness. But more than anything else is the fright of giving up and losing hope.

Failure hurts much. It pushes you down, and tries to fill you with pessimism. It tries to make you settle for something you have the capacity to be above. It makes you give up.

But I for one, refuse to give up. I refuse to stop. I refuse to let go and stop trying. I refuse to drag ground from where I have fallen and stay static. I for one promise to rise up and walk, slow if maybe, in the face of failure that has pushed me down. I swear one day to win, to prove my worth and grow against it. I shall be the river, one which bunds of silt can’t stop. I shall be the wind that refuses to hold still. I shall rise up, when failure pushes me down. I refuse to let failure put me to stop. I deny it the right to define my journey’s result. And I say, you come along. For where does failure put you, if you refuse to go out there again and win?

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