February Evenings


Aren’t February evenings a beautiful part of the day? After a long tiring day of work, when the sun has set having given us the most picture perfect closure, there is nothing better you could ask for. The sky is painted a beautiful light carroty, the colour of orange skin, and it gradually melts into brush strokes of purple and mauve translating into the blackness of the night, harmoniously giving way to the starkly virgin lights of the celestial! Ah! What beauty! The sky, especially on beautiful evenings, is like the canvas of a daring artist- offering unending possibilities.

For many, February evenings mean the right time to sit and recapitulate- pen in diaries, cook a meal to fit the mood, stroll when pensive, and make plans for the next day. While for others, it is a time to reunite and joinder with family and friends. There is the tale from office of a project saved at the eleventh hour, a metro incident, a story from the past, a joke shared and the interesting gossip about TV sitcoms. And how can I forget evening munchies! The crisp of chips sprinkled with green onion and cheese grilled under caterpillar tracks. The spoon stirring into cups full of soup and coffee only to release hot vapour the shape of dragon breath – yumminess gets immediately associated with the idea of an evening. 

Another reason why February evenings always amuse me, is the very idea that there is still another part to the day. That the end is far, and redemption quite near. That there is still unmissed opportunity to create better memories for today. It is like the clock is taking its own time to wind, and for the first time in centuries, it is savouring its passage slowly, and it is in this period, that we have the aleatory chance to do the things we couldn’t. Evenings offer much needed breaks, a time to pamper oneself and look back to what the day has given you. It has a certain adventurous tranquillity about it, a much enjoyed paradox.

But over all its perks, I love February evenings most of all for it makes people feel good about themselves. Self-indulgence and luxurious expenditure become happy ideas. The weather is bliss, the sun- a blessing after killing winters, and things fall into place for people who shudder and stumble often at January’s kick-starts.  For reasons unknown, I can always associate the month with safe pace.

February evenings fascinate me. The cool wind gushes by, and the trees sway as if they are having a picnic of their own. There is a boat sailing somewhere in the fictional river near my window. The cold of winter is sweetly waving goodbye and there is the chatter of cars returning home. And then there is the moon, pancaking and dressing itself in makeup, before it gleams in the clear night sky that the evening has given it. The money plant looks fresh as ever, and each star ray is a unique spotlight on the damp road. The world is beautiful for just a moment. And then, quicker than ever, the 28 days pass me, and the clock gets running again…  


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