The Allegory of Space


Few would understand the allegory of a blank page in a person’s life. It is difficult to contemplate its significance in this galaxy of fast paced ideas, where thoughts transpire into actions with the snap of a finger. In this process, from the renaissance of an idea to its accomplishment, the blank paper lingers like an abandoned feather in the gusty wind – oscillating through time and cosmos, to remind us how the inception of every idea is utter, plain fallow  space.

Like smudged finger impressions on a sheet of glass, ideas are the colour that paint a blank sheet. The first alphabet of a bestseller, the first stroke of brush of a masterpiece – an artist would know historic masterworks have taken birth on this very blank sheet of paper. This blank sheet of paper has seen everything from an art’s creation to its final breath of completion. It has witnessed its exalt and kept its craft alive to be relived by posterities to come. It has seen the darkness that falls on the creator’s face when – a comma, a palate shade – a question of artful choice keeps them awake, and it has experienced first-hand the joy of recognizing a good idea.

It is in the limitless freedom it offers that there hides a serine beauty and an uncapped capacity to do wonders. This blank sheet of paper has traced every step, each correction and every revamp of things that went from good to great.

It has seen history take shape. Like the unmoving pearl in the depth of sea, it has rested inside age-old ballot boxes to dictate political and humanitarian fortune. It is the backbone of a map of treasure, of every national paper hiding secrets, of each tarot card that takes life, and the lottery ticket that changes it.

In all of eternity, beneath the masterworks of Mona Lisa and Hamlet, underlies a subtle sheet of paper – the modest creator of magic. The weatherproof tool of an innovator, this sheet of paper, has taught people how easy it is to rewrite both history and coming fate. It has become the torch that gleams and reiterates across land and sea of how the impoverished poor and spectacular rich meet on the same door to incept craft. This sheet is not just paper, but another design in the syntax of art, which resonates how everyone is at par, which holds you by the shoulder and whispers boldly in your ear how creating art is an equal act, how it has not bent with ages, and not melted with stereotype, and how it has remained level, no matter how lopsided or biased the world around it became.

In its ordinary stature it has reminded men and women of everyday life that making beginnings does not cost much. It has become, almost unknowingly, the emblem of start, of creation, and of invention. This blank sheet of paper has inspired a heart to confess love; it has faithfully held the doctor’s hand when he scribbled the death certificate.

It is on a blank sheet of paper that I scribble my love for it because it all begins here, on an untrodden path.

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