My Infinity

sunshine An Anecdote inspired by and written in the memory of Helen Keller

How beautiful it is to feel the sunlight fall on my feet – the unstinting warmth, the invisible gold penetrating within me, arousing dimensions of my soul. The heat of the far-fetched sun touches every inch of me, resonating its beautiful power across the winds and seas without indifference – undefeated and indomitable. It speaks to both the sparrows and ostriches with friendly tutelage, and establishes with every passing minute how all that is distant is within reach too.

When the strong sun allows its brethren and sisters of light to fall with softness on me, dissolving its power and making no mention of its dominance, my soul is set free into its spring. It glitters across seasons, allowing vernaculars of dryness and cold to slowly redeem their space, yet maintains its benign presence with eternal promise. 

The sunlight – undemanding and giving – does not tax me. It asks for nothing in return. Even the bird on the bough, redeems the price of its song from smiling listeners. The sun, however, pipes in and out with the clock without fail, complimenting the hoots of the cock and the retreat of the flock like a gratuitous present.  

The faint yellow light casts black and brown shadows on the ground they say; I cannot see, yet with my eyes towards the sun, in its never-failing warmth, I find invisible assurance – a promise as soft and as precious as a snowflake – a promise which comforts that if you keep your face to the sun, you shall never see the shadows. 

The sunshine offers me refuge from the ceaseless darkness that envelops me. Life has robbed me of my vision and shadows are all I see, nevertheless, in the sun, I shut my eyes; the sunshine makes me feel alive, the heat – it gives me sight; sight which, unlike you or anyone else who can see per se, I can feel.


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