A Boat, Me; A Boat, This Year


As the world moved into a new year,

Fireworks filled the air like air fills the sky.

She gazed at clouds as they were consumed by sparks of hope;

Their light reflected eagerly in her experienced eyes,

And she breathed deeply, stored with her past –

She was a boat beating against the harsh sea,

Ready to be stormed into havoc by the cyclonically happy future.


A very happy 2016, dear reader.

Thank you for the inspiration you have lent me throughout this past year as I penned my convoluted thoughts and weaved feeble stories out of them in my sporadic attempts to light a spark with ideas, and warm the heart with words.  At the onset of this new day, I wish and pray that each one of you has an amazing year ahead, one where you can dream without constraint, and, more importantly, one where you can work with unfailing hope to fulfill them.

May you continue to read, write, dream, and inspire. Happy New Year.


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