Beyond Our Alcoves


I ran away from prison,

But never felt truly free.

I took shelter in an abandoned alcove,

It was as if,

I had left prison,

But the prison hadn’t left me.


In this wreckage of a castle,

Amidst grey bricks and timeless mortar,

I sat, waited, foraged,

Until familiar sounds of terror returned

Ringed in my ears like violins of thunder,

And I was overcome with pain.


I sat fixated, as months,

Or years, I cannot say,

Passed without notice.

Until one day,

When, hopeless, I banged my head on the bricks,

Deciding to end my torture,

Yet accidentally,

Broke a window in the wall,

And on the other end, found the sea.


I sat listening to its rhythmic power,

Until, its indiscriminate cruelty

Silenced me.

At last, united, the sea became me,

And I became the sea.

And I thought, illuminated,

I am only jailed by the cages within me.


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