The Astronaut


Wear a locket in my name, at the nape of your neck

tomorrow I leave to the moon,

Cook me some fish, darling, fill a jar with smells of home

tomorrow I leave to the moon,

Let me watch how diamonds waltz in your eyes in the sunlight

tomorrow I leave to the moon,

Tarry a little, sleep with me in this bed of flowers

tomorrow will come too soon!


My Dear Bird,

My dear bird,


I have built us a home

With wood, dry leaves and marbles

Windows that look out to the sea,

And a backyard laced by mountains  

There is minty tea, a warm fireplace,    

For your tired feet my ottoman waits.  

When the future weighs you down, dove, 

When past ghosts your mind, come,  

I built this warm cottage 

On a timeless soil,  

My dear bird,





Cheap pleasure is your perfume

                                       in my breath

 Cheap pleasure is your body

                                                                    lying in a dream in my bed.

Cheap pleasure is the cigarette stub

                                                                     we shared when we first met.

      Cheap pleasure is love, they say,

                                                   between two men.