Poems for Everyday Use

Cover Art

I have been working on a really fun project this month and I am so excited to finally share it!

Poems for Everyday Use is a series of poems about ordinary, everyday life. The project traces the course of one day, from morning to midnight, with poems about home, food, flowers and other simple memories. I don’t write enough poetry anymore, so this is an effort to create more of it. I have collaborated with some beautiful artists and I am very excited to share their work with mine!

I’ll be sharing the series on my Instagram, come read and spread the love:




A mind made of photo-paper,
you can’t touch the film with skin
it scares the colours away,
and the photo evaporates,
walks out shyly through a backdoor in the camera,

and it’s as if the moment wasn’t there
you and I with blue mountains behind us,
bad lighting of a setting sun
cheap wool caps we had bought from a small shop
rolling the car windows down

we weren’t there,
you had touched the film
with your cold pink fingers,
and the photograph had disappeared.