I have half memories
of us as kids
and I am not too sure
if this is how it was

you tell me we shared a swing
when I was younger
small enough
to fit between your knees

standing behind the water tank
quiet and still
you and a shadow
in a hide-and-seek game

when we played House
your kitchen
always had jars full of sugar
and I was at your door
every two minutes

I remember sounds
cold feet on a marble floor
running away together,
someone pouring Bournvita
into a pink mug,
a smaller white cup

I think it was you
who showed me my first globe
see? this is how all oceans and land folds
around the curves of your fingers

I like thinking
of my childhood as ours
holding half our memories
like too many Gems-coloured playballs
knowing you have
the other half.